March Newsletter

Hi Everyone, and welcome to the March edition of the PFP newsletter!

We want to first thank everyone who joined us for our very first speaker series about maximizing LinkedIn with our good friend, Michelle Weathersby. Check out the event details below, and mark your calendars for June 26th and October 9th when we’ll continue our speaker series (see below for specifics on upcoming events).


This month, we have some exciting updates from our Dallas chapter, and a few different pieces of content from around the web to revisit the Foundations of EQ and share current examples of its importance. EQ is the foundation of the PFP mission and we’re learning more every day about how powerful of an impact these skills can make.  As your conduit to the realm of Emotional Intelligence and the people-first philosophy, it’s our job to curate that content for you.


Many of you may be familiar with these statistics, but to reaffirm the importance and value of EQ:


·      EQ accounts for 58% of performance in all types of jobs (TalentSmart)

·      83% of top performers score high in self-awareness, only 2% of bottom performers (TalentSmart)

·      75% of the workforce is disengaged (Gallup)


Thank you all for stopping by, we hope you enjoy this edition of the newsletter, and we look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events!


-The PFP Team

March Podcast Review


For those of you who have been following along, you may remember our monthly book reviews. This month, we decided to change things up a bit.


Keeping with the theme this month of the foundations of Emotional Intelligence, we are excited to share a podcast we all enjoyed by Dr. Marc Brackett from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.


The article accompanying the podcast at the link below gives a great summary, so I won’t reiterate it here, but the material in both will teach you:


·      What emotional intelligence is and whether it is a hard skill or a soft skill

·      How emotional intelligence impacts engagement, happiness, and productivity

·      The impact social media has had on emotional intelligence

·      The negative impacts of not having emotional intelligence in the workplace

·      How to develop emotional intelligence as a leader


What is Emotional Intelligence

Speaker Series Recap – Maximizing LinkedIn


A core pillar of PFP is enablement and we aim to bring valuable EQ and Professional related sessions to our members at little to no cost each quarter.


On March 11th PFP-Raleigh held our first ever Guest Speaker led Enablement Event at HQ Raleigh.  The event was a free Lunch and Learn focused on improving and maximizing one's LinkedIn brand for career growth.


PFP Michelle.jpeg

Headed up by our good friend and Forbes Coaches Council Member, Michelle Weathersby, the audience was guided through several key areas related to LinkedIn:


·      LinkedIn profiles and how your personality can shine

·      Ensure your brand is where you want it

·      How to get your profile noticed by your target audience

·      Getting more views from a larger audience


What a great session and you certainly missed out if you weren't able to attend — Thanks again, Michelle!  Stay tuned on our website for upcoming series on Social Emotional Learning and Networking 101 later in the year.


About the Speaker: Michelle Weathersby is the CEO and founder of LENS Consulting Firm with a focuses career development through coaching, consulting & webinars. She has written 2 books on resume creation and LinkedIn strategies and is working on her third book on Leveraging LinkedIn. Michelle works with executives and professionals who are transitioning from one career to another. She is also a writer for City Insights and for Forbes Coaches Council.

Upcoming Raleigh Events


Pop-Up Networking – Thursday, May 2 | 6pm-8pm | VIVA RTP

Speaker SeriesConscious Discipline – Monday, June 26 | 7pm-8:30pm | HQ Raleigh

Dallas Chapter Update


They say everything is bigger in Texas.


In the past, I would just say it was the food or the hair, but after the March 19th PFP Networking Pop-Up, I’d say the diversity is huge as well!

PFP Group Engagement.jpeg


This past fall, I had the opportunity to join PFP on a journey to create an ecosystem of like-minded professionals who wish to better themselves, their industries, and most importantly, the community around them.  This is the mission of PFP, and two weeks ago we kicked thing off in a big way down here in Dallas.


Connecting great people is at the core of what we do. Having engaging conversations throughout the evening with talented business professions from all walks of life on, “who is PFP” “what are you doing for the community at large?” and most importantly, “how can I get involved”, elicited one response:


Mission Accomplished.


I’d like to give a big shout out to the newest members of our TOLA Leadership Team, John O’Brien and Chris Sam, along with everyone who made an appearance to our first Pop-Up event.



The team and I are gearing up for our first Lunch and Learn Event and our second Pop-Up this May. As the dates approach, you can expect more information from us on how PFP is uniquely designed to leverage Emotional Intelligence as a means to deliver change in the workplace, our personal lives, and the DFW community.


Talk Soon,

Chris Amaefule

Regional Chair- TOLA

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