because together we can achieve what none of us can alone

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What: PFP is a Non-profit and Philanthropy focused on professional networking, training and coaching.  However, where PFP differs; membership, giving and coaching are centered around Emotional Intelligence/Quotient, or "EQ."

Why: The personal, commercial, educational and ethical justification for investing in emotional intelligence is clear, with broad-ranging financial and intrinsic benefits for both employees and employers.  America's workforce priorities and expectations are changing.  The time is now to act.

How: PFP's purpose is to leverage EQ as a means to deliver change:

  • Help members build their professional career so they can be a champion of change.

  • Build a community with the corporate influence and EQ skills necessary to truly make an impact.

  • Positively impact corporate employee engagement and culture, to ultimately impact society.

Our Mission

To create an ecosystem of leadership, collaboration and accreditation for like-minded professionals who wish to better themselves, their industries but most importantly, the world around them.  We are founded to drive change because together we can achieve what none of us can alone.