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August EQ Thought Leadership Exposé

Simon Sinek TED Talk: "Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe"

“The Military gives medals to people who make sacrifices so that others may gain. In business we give bonuses to people who sacrifice others, so that we may gain.”

Simon Sinek poses in this TED talk a question; “Is someone who sacrifices themselves, for the betterment of others just hardwired to be a giver and to live in service or are there other factors contributing to this person's approach and mentality?”

Given Simon’s recent surge in popularity, especially on social media, we thought we would explore this concept a bit further. We will start by saying candidly, we have been huge fans of Simon for some time and find that much of his theories on Leadership, EQ, Empathy and the Workplace are in complete lock-step with our core values as an organization.

What is most interesting about Simon’s dive into this dynamic in leadership, is that he realizes although there are some people just hardwired through their own experiences to be compassionate and show empathy for others, as leaders we have a much larger ability to affect this than we know.

Simon ultimately deduces that leaders who create an environment of safety, empathy and inclusion, who are willing to put their people before themselves, will actually increase these same traits in those under their charge.  How you lead and treat others is contagious...

I point to a correlation we use at PFP frequently. Did you know that average corporate EQ peaks at mid management and is actually at its lowest at the C-Suite? So, is it a coincidence that 70%+ of the workforce is “Disengaged” at work? We think not.  

If C-level "leaders" don't put people first, why would an employee under their charge truly dedicate themselves with purpose and loyalty to job and place of work?

Then what about the rare CEO who creates an entire company culture around Empathy, who leads from the front with EQ? Statistics show that these companies have lower turnover rates, higher employee productivity, higher employee satisfaction, fewer safety incidents and on average are 20% more profitable than their low-EQ competitors!

Bottom line, putting others before yourself, will undoubtedly make you a happier, more successful leader.

Spend a few minutes with Simon to hear more about the psychology behind why successful leaders make people feel safe. Enjoy!


Book of the Month: "Emotional Intelligence 2.0" by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 is a complete guide to assess where your EQ is today and provides easy to consume exercises you can employ to advance in the areas of EQ with the greatest impact to you personally. 

Each book comes with the world's "most popular EQ test" to uncover the areas where you need the most improvement.  The book then matches specific exercises you can employ based on the test scores.  Your purchase also includes a 2nd license for the EQ test, so you can measure your progress after employing some of the exercises.

Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management are the four core skills that Authors Bradberry and Greaves identify will enable you to achieve your fullest potential.

If you really want to improve your EQ, we at PFP have found "Emotional Intelligence 2.0" to be the most comprehensive and easiest to use self-learning guide for EQ improvement.

You can buy a copy here:

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PFP Holiday Party

We are excited to announce that the PFP Holiday Party will be the evening of December 12th at the Marbles Kids Museum in Downtown Raleigh! Please mark your calendars and the official invite will be coming soon! 

This year we will be partnering with Toys for Tots, Angel Tree and the Make a Wish Foundation. If you would like to get more involved or donate, please hit the button below to let us know!

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